Godzone 2017  /  Feb 25th - Mar 4th

2nd (2016), 2nd position til injury (2015), 4th (2013), 5th (2012)

2016's epic team + a new recruit.

Team Swordfox - Godzone Adventure Race 2017 - Queenstown, NZ

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In 2011 an individual got in touch...

...and asked if we'd like to assist them in the most technically challenging adventure race in the World, scaling New Zealand's most demanding terrain, with barely a change of clothes, next to no sleep and completely unassisted. Instead of contacting the authorities we said, "sure".

Top race adventurers and a reputable brand, creative and online agency - what do we have in common? Simply, a passion and on-going commitment to strive for the best. 5th in 2012, 4th in 2013 and holding 2nd position in 2015 (forced to pull on the final leg due to injury), 2nd in 2016 - what will 2017 bring?

Follow us for live race updates, it's addictive and we get all warm and fuzzy with your support.